Warehousing and Fulfillment

We know how important good Retail Management is for your company. Outsourcing your inventory at Green Logistics Groningen is therefore a right step towards optimizing your business. Some other fulfillment companies use many different systems and this can be very confusing. At Green Logistics Groningen we guarantee overview and transparency.

As a leading order fulfillment company Green Logistics Groningen facilitates the most up to date storage and delivery options without you losing control of your own goods. We understand that you are the expert of your own product. What Green Logistics Groningen can do is link your knowledge with our expertise in the field of logistics management. From the best storage facilities to the final delivery point your passion for the product and our experience in logistics management go hand in hand.

We are an ‘Authorized Economic Operator’ certified by Dutch Customs

This gives us certain privileges which save our customers valuable time and money. Watch the video below to learn about the advantages of working with an AEO certified partner:

Green Logistics Groningen for today and tomorrow

You want to outsource your retail management and are looking for a reliable order fulfillment company? With us you are at the right place. Green Logistics Groningen is unique in the field of warehousing in the Netherlands.

Our fulfillment service is up to date with the latest innovations. Besides that we are already thinking ahead about the world of tomorrow. Through cross-docking, c02-emission vehicles and taking back your separated waste (paper, plastic, cardboard etc.), Green Logistics Groningen also thinks about the future.

Therefore our experienced fulfillment team works with you on a responsible and transparent production from beginning to end:

  • Exports of goods
  • (Re)packing of goods
  • Accounting
  • Delivery of orders

To optimize the retail process we look beyond the storage areas. Even for the smallest order the bigger picture is important.

Experience the service of our Green Logistics Warehousing and complete fulfillment services.

The benefits of outsourcing your stock

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Outsourcing the inventory management gives you the chance to focus on the product itself. Because of our logistics expert you will no longer waste time and money on order processing and administrative tasks. Having a professional partner on your side brings many advantages:

  • Extensive experience with inventory management
  • Professional security guaranteed
  • At all times, stock available
  • Efficient methods like Orderpicking

Besides that, Green Logistics Groningen offers you:

  • One central warehouse
  • One standard contact person
  • One pick up point

All this keeps the inventory organized which saves both time, effort and costs. Our added value as fulfillment experts will eventually lead to better service for your customers. Our task is to find the hidden profits in your company’s production processes.

Our added value is your hidden profit

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As an order Fulfillment Company in the field of warehousing Netherlands we are able to manage your Retail and Inventory. All orders are handled with the utmost care; resulting in tailor made solutions for big and small orders. We take the logistics issues off your hands so you can focus on the core business of your company: the product itself.

More information?

Contact us if you want to know how we can help your business via +31(0) 50 549 22 22 or by using the contact form.

Why choose us

  • One contactperson
  • Storage of any size of products
  • Direct delivery from stock
  • Pickup location
  • Inventory management

The reason why Green Logistics Groningen is so unique in terms of order fulfillment companies is the fact that we have a very personal approach. As our client you have one permanent contact person. This makes the collaboration extra personal and accessible. In this way we are also able to provide you answers right away. You always have directly the right person on the phone.


Our fulfillment experts think outside the box of standard retail, distribution and transport. Therefore we do not come with standard solutions. We deliver tailor-made services that will 100% suit your needs. When there is a need for a complete new production process we anticipate on that right away. We develop a new production line that meets your needs. This saves you yourself machinery and new staff!

Full Service

Green Logistics Groningen offers you the Full Service. Our fulfillment team can take care of all your logistic problems. Are your goods produced? Leave the rest of the process to us. This gives you the chance to focus on your core business: the product itself.