The retail service that Green Logistics Groningen offers is an extension of your company. This service gives you the chance to relinquish the (re)packaging and labeling of goods. Trust in our capable and very skilled workers who are familiar with all the repackage and packaging options of nowadays. We do not provide standard solutions for your needs; by the capability of our experts a tailor made solution is guaranteed. Where other packaging companies think in routines Green Logistics Groningen thinks beyond the scope of standard retail. Whether for packaging electronics or to label clothing, Green Logistics Groningen thinks with you.

We have experience with all kinds of retail services. A couple of things you might think of in this context:


Take advantage of the Retail Service Green Logistics Groningen offers. Setting up a production line for not only the packaging of goods but also repackaging of goods can take up a lot of time. By using our expertise it will save you a lot of time and effort in the retail process of your product. We have proficient knowledge and experience that reveals itself in:

We can assist you in setting up a production line customized for the packaging and repackaging of goods. This saves a great deal of time and effort because you do not have to train internal staff or buy the equipment needed for such a production line. Also take into account the cost savings that our additional expertise will bring you. Not surprising you will find your hidden profits in Green Logistics Groningen.


At Green Logistics Groningen all projects are treated with the greatest care, completely and tailored no matter how small or big the job. We are specialized in operational and practical methods for receiving, allocating, sorting and distribution of supplies and orders. Cross-docking is one of our methods that will help your retail process to the next level. At Green Logistics Groningen Retail Service all orders and deliveries are pooled per shipping address and ordered using zip codes. That way, if you are the customer you will receive all goods intended for you at once. We not only supply quality in the packaging of your goods but rather look at the whole picture. So we can guarantee the quality for the entire retail process.


Green Logistics Groningen offers you:

We think further than other packaging companies. Green Logistics Groningen first thinks outside the box before the products are packed inside the box. Therefore we are able to provide you customized services. Because each product is different the production should be tailor made.

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The reason why Green Logistics Groningen is so unique in terms of order fulfillment companies is the fact that we have a very personal approach. As our client you have one permanent contact person. This makes the collaboration extra personal and accessible. In this way we are also able to provide you answers right away. You always have directly the right person on the phone.


Our fulfillment experts think outside the box of standard retail, distribution and transport. Therefore we do not come with standard solutions; We deliver tailor-made services that will 100% suit your needs. When there is the need for a completely new production process, we anticipate on that right away. We develop a new production line that meets your needs. This saves you yourself machinery and new staff!


Green Logistics Groningen offers you the Full Service. Our fulfilment team can take care of all your logistic problems. Are your goods produced? Leave the rest of the process to us. This gives you the chance to focus on your core business: the product itself.