International Freight Forwarding

Green Logistics Groningen uses its experience, knowledge and network to push the boundaries of your business. With our expertise as an international forwarding company and your passion to reach more people, together we can increase your market.

Even for short distances and small orders outsourcing to international freight forwarders is often the best choice. As a producer it is advantageous to have a local partner who knows all the rules and has a network of specialists in the region. Even if it is just a single package or maybe a large consignment, national or international transport Green Logistics Groningen is glad to get you started.

Fast delivery at home and abroad

As a producer you want to focus on your product. Outsourcing to an international transport company is therefore a logical step. However, this doesn’t mean that you will lose control of the distribution process. The service Transportation Green Logistics Groningen is an extension of your own company. We will help you make choices concerning freight forwarding issues, saving you time and costs. For both you and your customer a fast delivery is important and in this matter an extensive distribution network can be the decisive factor. Green Logistics Groningen is working closely with partners at home and abroad ensuring prompt delivery. We have a lot to offer. For example: we can guarantee a 24 hour service within the Benelux.

For customized/tailored advice and actions

Do you want to reach more people in an efficient manner but you don’t want to lose overview over your own distribution? The transport service of Green Logistics Groningen is clear and transparent. There is one place where you can go with all your questions. Even for non-committal advice on the logistics process of your distribution please contact us. Besides logistics advice there are of course other factors that make our freight forwarding service reliable and effective:

  • Cross Docking
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Energy efficient transport
  • International fame

Want to outsource transportation? Become more international? As an international transport company, Green Logistics Groningen ships your product in a responsible way to its destination.

Green Logistics Groningen will get you started!

The transport service of Green Logistics Groningen is reliable, responsible and efficient. We combine our logistics expertise with your distribution process and are thinking outside the box before transporting the boxes to their final destination.

More information?

Contact us if you want to know how we can help your business via +31(0) 50 549 22 22 or by using the contact form.

Why choose us

  • One contactperson
  • Storage of any size of products
  • Direct delivery from stock
  • Pickup location
  • Inventory management

The reason why Green Logistics Groningen is so unique in terms of order fulfillment companies is the fact that we have a very personal approach. As our client you have one permanent contact person. This makes the collaboration extra personal and accessible. In this way we are also able to provide you answers right away. You always have directly the right person on the phone.


Our fulfillment experts think outside the box of standard retail, distribution and transport. Therefore we do not come with standard solutions. We deliver tailor-made services that will 100% suit your needs. When there is a need for a complete new production process we anticipate on that right away. We develop a new production line that meets your needs. This saves you yourself machinery and new staff!

Full Service

Green Logistics Groningen offers you the Full Service. Our fulfilment team can take care of all your logistic problems. Are your goods produced? Leave the rest of the process to us. This gives you the chance to focus on your core business: the product itself.