Green Logistics Groningen is a logistics service provider that helps producers and entrepreneurs at home and abroad through the following services:

Thanks to our experience , knowledge and contacts , you can outsource the entire logistics process of your company to us. When we take your logistics issues off your hands, you can expect tailor-made solutions. Green Logistics does not think in routines and standard solutions; we offer customization : for large or small orders and for short or long distances.

As the name suggests, Green Logistics Groningen wants to handle the logistics process of your products in a responsible green manner . An optimal result can only be achieved by not only thinking about the now, but also taking into account the future. Environmentally conscious action is ultimately of added value for all of us.

The fact that Green Logistics has experience and know-how is partly due to the rich history of the company. Green Logistics Groningen has its origins in the former courier and liner services in the city of Groningen. In 1972, the official foundation of our company was under the name: VervoercentrumGroningen, located on Bornholmstraat. Almost thirty years later in 1999, we had two hybrid trucks developed by MAN. These cars were used for distribution in the city of Groningen, with the motto: On green electricity through the heart of Groningen ??. Four years after our company took this green path, we started our warehouse activities in 2003. The self-storage services followed in 2007. In 2011, the company was officially renamed Green Logistics Groningen.

Green Logistics Groningen is an extension of your company . Your passion for the product and our knowledge in logistics together bring the product to its final destination.


Due to its worldwide activities, Green Logistics Groningen has become a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) since 2016.
The DSA represents the interests of everyone who is active in the direct sales sector and serves companies that are members and the people who work in this sector. The DSA is also for those consumers who purchase products or services from these companies. As an industry association, the DSA is working hard to promote awareness of this special sales method. This is expressed, for example, by emphasizing the many advantages of direct sales.

Direct sales are also known as multi-level marketing or network marketing and have grown into a worldwide established phenomenon since the beginning of the last century. It is a sales method in which goods or services are sold directly to the consumer through a network of independent business partners, who advise people personally based on their own user experience. In such direct and personal contact with consumers, quality, service and warranty naturally have a high priority.

Through our membership, Green Logistics Groningen can open doors worldwide for you in logistics that would otherwise remain closed.

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