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De dienstverlening van Green Logistics Groningen is gebaseerd op Value Added Logistics. DIt houdt in dat onze service en diensten van toegevoegde waarde zijn voor uw product. Als Third Party Logistics denken wij mee over logistieke vraagstukken binnen uw productieproces. Meer weten over onze dienstverlening?

Value added logistics

A global network with a central point of contact. Green Logistics Groningen brings the international and local market together. See the bigger picture. Without losing sight of the final product, the power of Green Logistics is; customization for large and small issues.

By optimizing the production process from A to Z, we bring the product together with you in an efficient, responsible and smooth manner from producer to consumer. Want to know more? This short video will give you a better insight into our services.

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Our services

Green Logistics Groningen is able to optimize your business through various services. By outsourcing certain processes within your production and distribution management, you can often save a lot of time, effort and costs. The services we offer are:

Why choose for Green Logistics


Our fulfillment experts think outside the box of standard retail, distribution and transport. Therefore we do not come with standard solutions; We deliver tailor-made services that will 100% suit your needs. When there is the need for a completely new production process, we anticipate on that right away. We develop a new production line that meets your needs. This saves you yourself machinery and new staff!


The reason why Green Logistics Groningen is so unique in terms of order fulfillment companies, is the fact that we have a very personal approach. As our client you have one permanent contact person. This makes the collaboration extra personal and accessible. In this way we are also able to provide you answers right away; You always have directly the right person on the phone.

Full service

Green Logistics Groningen offers you the Full Service; our fulfillment team can take care of all your logistic problems. Are your goods produced? Leave the rest of the process to us. This gives you the chance to focus on your core business: the product itself.

Excellence in order processing

Let us help you

Outsourcing your retail, transport or inventory management is a logical step towards a more efficient production line. Our fully catered fulfillment service also brings our expertise together with your passion for the product. For more information, a tour or a free quote, you can contact us today. Do you have further questions? Mail or call us for an appointment!

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